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Pro-soft Technologies Inc
City: herndon     State: VA
Ph No: 703-574-7888 Ex     Email:
H1B/GC Sponsorship: Yes     Training: Yes UdepsID:240 Update Info
Training Details: Now we are bringing you the best opportunity called “Employment program”, by which we will give a technology based training in Java/ SHAREPOINT and hire them in our pay roll. This Employment program is either for students or experienced/inexperienced candidates who want to learn in depth about a specific technology and join in Prosoft

Pronix Inc
City: Piscataway     State: AL
Ph No: 732-476-5277     Email:
H1B/GC Sponsorship: Yes     Training: Yes UdepsID:236 Update Info
Training Details: Free Training,Accommodation,Placement Visa Assistance (OPT,CPT,GC,H1B Transfer)

Prosoft Technologies Inc
City: Duluth     State: GA
Ph No: (770) 455-9009     Email:
H1B/GC Sponsorship: Yes     Training: Yes UdepsID:165 Update Info
Training Details: We are looking for Novice level Storage Administrators (EMC/NetApp) where we can train in Infrastructure Management Systems domain specifically on Systems / SAN / Storages & Virtualization technologies. Also we can train in SFDC(

QA Training
City: Atlanta     State: AL
Ph No:     Email:
H1B/GC Sponsorship: Yes     Training: Yes UdepsID:232 Update Info
Training Details: H2K Infosys is based in Atalnta, GA providing
Instructor led face2face Live online Software Training classes for everyone from any part of the world.
Contact /

City: samford     State: CT
Ph No: 203-961-8911     Email:
H1B/GC Sponsorship: No     Training: No UdepsID:131 Update Info
Training Details: I am current employee of NUTECH INFO SYS company, this is not a company, and this is a trap. Juniors (OPT/CPT) dont even look at this company There is no good things guys, no disrespect but this is real trap. 1. They hire juniors(by going to career fairs in colleges OPT/CPT).. There is no training nothing... Because lack of training and understanding you will definitely suffer BENCH for more then 4 to 5 month, after this THE REAL GAME starts as described below. Worst behavior, They will let you believe that you are good for nothing . So that you will feel like, you are a REAL LOOSER and you will be ready to work on any rate. 2. They have promised me 65% - 35% rate. They are exactly giving 35-65% . lolz. (I found project by my self and by luck .) 3. There is no marketing team; there is one guy who is doing marketing for everybody. He is junior kinda person (hired $7/Hr Cash) and dont know anything about technologies. (For example if you are .NET Developer, once in a month he will send you requirement and the requirement can be JAVA or any other programming language.) Hence marketing sucks. I have searched project by myself. 4. I am working on the rate of $25/hr, the worst part is they dont pay regularly. If you cry/bag for your own money they give like $500 and then will say contact next month now. They generate my payroll for $35 per hour and they give $25 /hr (with tax) because of I am H1b and I have to suffer the high tax of $35 /Hr. Finally I get $16 /Hr. 5. This company is black listed; lots of H1bs are rejected by this company. Forget about getting green card (GC). This people never file GCs. Not eligible to file GC. So If you have long term planning forget this company. 6. After joining this company you will be a real looser for life time. There is no benifits nothinig with this company. Even if you get project by mistake or by luck these people is going to eat up your money. 7. Most of the names are fake in this company so that they can close their Sutter anytime and they can save their A$ $ from law. 8. This company must be raided and closed. This company had other name before, after somebody has taken legal action they have made name as Nutech (before it was "New Tech"), 9. Internal growth is nothing, no benifits , Have a 75% chances of rejection of h1b . No chance of GC , No direct client. Total scam behavior. 10. This company have no future, forget about your future/career with this company. There is no future with this company. Dont even join this company , somebody is already has plead Legal Case against this company, this can close anytime. 11. Owner of this company always goes (runs) to India because he is scared now. 12. Even if you are on opt/cpt/h1b or any other status with this company. I am advising (strictly recommending) you to change employer. 13. At least join somebody who can respect the WORD, promise. I dont want to write more . Guys I hope u do understand. There is no exaggeration added in above description of Nutech sys.

RASA Services Inc.
City: Frances Lane St     State: TX
Ph No: 77477 USA     Email:
H1B/GC Sponsorship: Yes     Training: Yes UdepsID:126 Update Info
Training Details: We will transfer your H1, help you land in a project. We file H1-Bs for OPT candidates

City: Herndon     State: VA
Ph No: 703 689 9945     Email:
H1B/GC Sponsorship: Yes     Training: Yes UdepsID:227 Update Info
Training Details:

Refulgent Technologies Inc
City: Charlotte,     State: NC
Ph No: 704-756-4614     Email:
H1B/GC Sponsorship: Yes     Training: Yes UdepsID:138 Update Info
Training Details: .Net / Java / Informatica / Hyperion / QA