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Note:Articles and advises posted here are NOT verified by any immigration lawyer , these are just posted by common people with their experiences. Don't make any decisions based on these , please make sure that you talk to the right people before you conclude on any immigration issue(s) you have.
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My Employer is not asking for Client letter
I work for a big MNC recently they filed for my H1.
Posted by: Kiran     Date: 2016-07-11

Currently with an Immigration Service Officer wait for 30 days
After a week I got a letter saying A review of electronic systems indicates that your petition is currently with an Immigration Service Officer.
Posted by: Rekha     Date: 2016-06-12

I765 I129 Check List Document

Posted by: Vamsi     Date: 2016-06-10

H1B Stamping with DUI
Is is advisable to go to Visa stamping under DUI.
Posted by: JK     Date: 2016-06-01

Drivers Licence on Pending EAD

Posted by: GK     Date: 2016-01-23

H1B Extension no client letter
My current is not willing to provide the employment letter for my H1B Extension.
Posted by: Gir     Date: 2015-10-25

Changing for EAD to H1
Once I enter on AP can I still work on H1 and continue to extend my H1 ?
Posted by: VK     Date: 2015-09-10

H1B Extension denied has INS has discretion to grant extension of Stay
My H1B extension got denied now, can I stay and reapply my H1 with a different employer and after that I will go outside USA and get it stamped.
Posted by: Smith     Date: 2015-08-05

Can H4 Child apply for EAD
My Kid is turning 19 next month and can I apply EAD for him as a Part of H4-EAD?
Posted by: UK     Date: 2015-07-27

H-1B Transfer from India before Oct 1 will be denied.
New rule says that you can’t transfer your H1B before Oct 1 st, changing your employer before you are in USA with a valid stamping is not possible before Oct 1st
Posted by: Vamsi     Date: 2015-07-27
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