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Note:Articles and advises posted here are NOT verified by any immigration lawyer , these are just posted by common people with their experiences. Don't make any decisions based on these , please make sure that you talk to the right people before you conclude on any immigration issue(s) you have.
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Joining the same company again labor Cert
I worked for a company for 2 years and then rejoined can I use the same experience.
Posted by: Vikram     Date: 2016-08-12

Fingerprint Fee Received for i485 is not changing
Fingerprint Fee Received for i485 is not changing
Posted by: VR     Date: 2016-05-27

Different employment Verification Letters or I485 Query
After EAD my responsibilities got changed , is this a big issue
Posted by: Kiran     Date: 2016-05-25

Birth Certificate not there or Green Card(GC) process
One of the Mandatory requirement for GC process is Birth Certicate.
Posted by: JJ     Date: 2016-01-04

Curse for EB2 who are struck in GC process.
Bad days continue to grow for EB2 candidates who are struck under Green card process
Posted by: Vamsi     Date: 2015-10-31

I140 without on Payroll
I recently rolled of from a project , my employer says he can't file for I140 without a job.
Posted by: Sam     Date: 2015-10-17

I140 Revoked can we capture Priority Date
Can I still port my old I140 Priority date even my previous employer revokes it
Posted by: AA     Date: 2015-10-07

Laid off on H1B and I485 is pending
Will I be in Status if I get laid off on H1B.
Posted by: SL     Date: 2015-09-16

Birth place misspelled on my Birth Certificate.
The birth place on my certificate is spelled wrong.
Posted by: G     Date: 2015-09-15

I485 Pre Adjudication
Is there any concept called Pre adjudication in I485 Process?
Posted by: GC     Date: 2015-08-17
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