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Company Name: Bridgetown Consulting Group


BCG is a very fraudulent company. Every time you ask the owner for your payslip, he will threaten to cancel your visa!!! Also the owner will lie to you about having his own staff in NJ.But the truth is that the owner works in a very small space in NJ - and that too - all by himself! He has two staff members - working for him in India, but for some reason he will lie to you about that. He will say that he has a manager (in NJ)who handles accounts and every time you ask him why your paycheck hasn't been received, he will say he will ask his manager and let you know. But the truth is: he has no manager; he himself handles accounts! Not only that, he is very rude and has an extremely volatile temper! If you're a female, it's especially hard to take since he hurls abuses at you - left, right and center! And last but not the least, he has an extremely fake accent that just gets on your nerves!

I would recommend you not to join this firm

Posted by: Ram Chada      Date: 2015-09-16

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