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Date of birth and place of Birth can be changed without the court order. There was an interim memo sent to all passport offices from ministry of external affairs that court order is not required if the applicant can provide birth certificate.But Indian consulates always say that they need to go through court order. We have to go through the hassle of showing them the memo to get this done.

One best option is find a lawyer in India who can check the past verdicts on this issue.
Few verdicts in the past also said:
High Court in both Mumbai and Delhi have ruled that Passport Issuing authority should decide on such cases on their own because Indian courts are already over burdened and such change in DOB or place of birth should not be taking courts time.

Ask your lawyer to draft a letter with the copy of the old ruling, then submit the same letter along with other necessary documents.

I know this is not much straight forward I wish our indian consulate people are more knowledgeable than they are.

Posted by:      Date: 2015-05-19

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