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There are more than twenty-five general categories of nonimmigrant visas. Most are targeted at a person's particular purpose in visiting the U.S. and the terms of those visas will vary according to the category.

F1 - Student Visa
F2 - Dependent Student Visa
J1 - Visa
H1B - Work Visa
H4 - Dependent of H1B Visa
L1 - L1 Visa
B1 - Business Visa
B2 - Visitor Visa
P Visa - Athlete-Artist-Entertainer Visa
C1-D - Crewmen Visa
K1, K3 - Fiancè Visa
I - Media Visa
Religious Visa - R1, R2
M1 - Vocational Student Visa
TN - Canadian Citizens Visa
Transit Visa

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