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I joined VST Consulting in Aug 2012 with a PROMISE of QA Training as well as placement. NO TRAINING Provided but YES $$$$ charged for training with a fake promise of $$$$ refund after 6 month of placement. I was not provided placement
for more then 1 year. No $$$$ give for sitting on bench for such a long time. Talking about the company, If you are looking for H1 visa I bet Suresh will make you beg like a beggar and will never ever help you filing your H1. Check his past years approvals. 1 year at bench taught me a lot about him. Talking about salary, 90% of the people are dissatisfied with the salaries paid. Wages given are not right or too less. PROXY Interviews are taken and I have the
video available for that too, posted on you tube. There are 2 offices in the same office both are his companies. The marketing white board is always full with candidates name, reason people not placed. His guesthouse filled with so many candidates, reason not placed. All positive reviews are by some of those lucky people who got placed or under pressure by him. H1/OPT/CPT candidates don't be afraid and speak truth. Suresh is not from Immigration to kick you out of country. I will report to US Department of Labor, USCIS for all this which he is doing to harass people. I would love US LABOR DEPARTMENT to check his accounts. Don't spoil your future. Being American Citizen FREEDOM OF SPEECH is my right. My $$$$ is gone but not my future so better save your tomorrow by quitting VST Consulting. If you don't trust go ask some of those lucky people who are on his H1. Suresh stop being so GREEDY you have to show your face to GOD
1 day.

Posted by:      Date: 2015-07-08

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