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Company Name: Zarantech


Zarantech -is a SCAM, Promised a project within one month of completing training and its been 1 yr now, I have paid $750
for BA trust me its not worth and I see there sales people are very much present for all kind of answers.They may claim
that they operate from USA but there not.Please people don't trust them. I don't want any one to suffer like
me. These people are for money, taking high fees. These people always try to make you believe and convince you on many
things later when time passes no response from them. they dont even start marketing if you see the requirements in dice
or monster it will be totally different from what they train you. after i finish the training I asked them for
help.they say I need to learn more for that I have to pay extra. Please dont get into this company.

I would recommend you not to join this firm

Posted by: Anonymous      Date: 2015-07-27

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